Microsoft Dynamics Nav

The target audience for this section are those individuals involved with supply chain management small to midsized manufacturing and/or distribution firms and division of large firms. If you are currently using or just thinking about using Microsoft Dynamics Nav as your ERP (enterprise resource planning) system tool, X64 is absolutely a component that you must consider to further improve your system's functionality. The aim is to improve business processes and ERP usage, which now, with X64 models connecting to telnet, becomes an easy task.


Microsoft Dynamics Nav is an integrated business management solution for medium-sized organisations. It includes functionality to maintain financial and relationship management, manufacturing, distribution, sophisticated warehouse-handling modules (WMS) and the more recently, the capability  of communicating with hand-held devices like our XRT products.


Those organisations using Microsoft Dynamics Nav Automated Data Capture Systems (ADCS) may now use X64 wireless devices as the ultimate tool to improve processes through wireless communication. Due to current market needs, organisations now need to run faster operations attaining a high level of accuracy in documentation and inventory. In addition, staff turnover and massive warehouses make allocation of merchandising hard, especially for staff less experienced and unfamiliar with premises.


Hence, It is critical for a supply chain business to have a speedy and precise system of recording data. The best system at present time and also the most reliable way of achieving this, is through the usage of bar codes and RFID lables linked with a range of other possible capture systems. Microsoft Dynamics Nav alongside with X64 provide organisations with the indispensable functionality to achieve accurate data retrieval for inbound, outbound and internal documents (such as statistics, surveys, reports, and so forth). The end result is a cost savings system on the basis of an improvement of the entire inventory management processes.


Some of the key benefits of using X64 along with Microsoft Dynamics Nav are:

- Accurate collection of inventory data in real time

- Visibility of data is accurately increased throughout the entire business

- Dramatic increase in efficiency and productivity

- Improved management processes, better customer service, boost in performance

- Waste reduction, better control


When using manual entry processes it is normal have create errors which sometimes lead to huge waste and expenses. Many are the times that costs increase and returns get reduced below forecast. Possible reasons for this common type of situation may be stocks being picked up or put away incorrectly, or even mistakes with the numbers retrieved while stocking.


Our XRT models in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics Nav, provide a rapid and accurate way of entering data and allocating inventory. This results in an accurate automated data collection system where errors are practically vanished and the organisation's accuracy dramatically augmented.

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