SAP is the market and technology leader in business software solutions, providing comprehensive business software through SAP applications, services and support. Through the use of telnet X64's models can now easily communicate with SAP systems enabling not just an easy access to the entire ERP system but above all, a fast and accurate communication with all sectors within an organisation in real time straight to the nucleus of operations.

Most companies, when deciding to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, very often face the situation of how to simplify and streamline the logistics process through radio frequency (RF) technology like our XRT wireless terminals. Especially for SAP R/3 users, this is an important issue that most times is only planned to be solved through the implementation of a 3rd party RF "middleware" system.


In the past, SAP did not present a suitable RF solution to help solve this issue. However, this problem has been overcome since late 1999 when SAP introduced a product named SAPConsole. The question that now calls for an answer is, “What is SAPConsole and will it work for my X64 product?”.


Starting with release 4.6B SAP offers a native solution for radio frequency devices. This solution is called SAPConsole. SAPConsole allows the execution of SAP transactions directly on any GUI or character-based RF terminal in a real-time mode. SAP offers a growing number of “RF-enabled” transactions. The SAPConsole interprets SAPGUI pages into text-only pages for character-based terminals like our XRT models.


X64 wireless terminals connect through a standard RF contact end to a devoted server running both SAPConsole and a Telnet protocol. SAPConsole includes an administrative function (SAPConsole Administrator) to create and manage connection profiles that link the mobile terminals to an SAP module. The SAPConsole server translates SAPGUI screens to suitable text-only screens for character-based mobile terminals and receives input from the terminals for transmission to the SAP module.


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