In planning for a migration to a wireless network based on wireless terminals, the planner must be sure of the chosen plan. Wireless terminals require antennas and base stations to receive and transmit wireless signals between terminals and the server. Therefore, the planner must be confident that antenna coverage can be recognised throughout the area where the wireless terminals will operate.


There are many wireless terminals that work well within various types of locations. However, many are the ones that may not be compatible with vendor equipment. And for the simple reason that there are so many vendors selling a wide variety of products, the planner needs to be positively sure of the vendor's assurance to the market.


Operating wireless terminals is synonymous of a great deal of flexibility for the operational system in which they are being implemented. Nonetheless, the planner should limit the migration to a product (or set of products) based on the assurance that it will produce a reasonable saving in time, speed and reduction of manpower.


X64 has opened up a new assortment of possibilities for connecting the various departments to a variety of packages already well established in the market. The keys to our success are proper pre-planning and a selection of the best packages according to the various industries' requirements. The list of software we currently operate on is wide and keeps growing. We cover most packages, but if in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us for further information on this topic.


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