#Whether installing or simply using one of X64's models, at some point you may need help to solve any possible struggles.

In this section you will find all the help you need concerning X64's models, software and even hardware.






Some Manuals for Catering

X64 catering manual for first time users

This manual is a general instructional overview of the installation, battery charging, menu, settings and navigation.

# Catering manual first time users

How to install the firmware updater

If you would like to install the firmware for your X64 model to use in catering, please click the link below to see the manual based on the latest version currently available.

# Firmware updater installation

How to configure the terminal and the antenna for use in catering

If you would like to configure the X64 terminal and antenna for use in catering, please refer to the following link for intructions.

# Terminal and antenna configuration for catering

Data Collection

Data Collection

X64 manual for using the x64 terminal as a data collector

This manual is a in depth instructional tool to help users to use the terminal for data collection. It explains how to read, modify and send data from the terminal.

# X64 manual for using the x64 terminal as a data collector


Software Houses

Program Generator

Program Generator is a small application which enables you to easily and quickly create functional and yet sometimes quite complex programs to use along with your X64 terminals.

# Program Generator first time users


Devkit is a editor, C compiler and programmer for the X64 terminals.

# DevKit Software, how to configure un antenna using devkit.

The Emulator

For development of applications whether for training or even for the creation of documentation, it is more practical to use the emulator than the X64 real terminal. The Riocom.DLL (the DLL containing the functions for communication with the terminals) communicates with the antennas and the emulated terminals exactly in the same way as with the real thing. Hence, in terms of application software, there are no functional differences between both approaches (emulator or real terminal).

# Emulator's Manual

# Emulator's Downloads


How to configure the software

If you would like to update the antenna and terminal's firmware, please click on the link below to see the manual based on the latest version currently available.

# Catering Software Settings Configuration

How to configure barcodes

If you would like to configure barcodes on X64, please click on the link below to see the manual based on the latest version currently available.

# Barcode configuration

How to set the PLUs descriptives and complements

If you would like to set the PLUs descriptives and complements from a pc, please click on the link below to get the manual.

# Configuring from the PC

How to configure complements

If you would like to the complements, please click on the link below to get the manual.

# Complements Configuration

RioCom ( Catering functions)

# RioCom.DLL( catering functions)

RioCom.DLL is the DLL file containing the main functions which allow X64 terminals to communicate with the server and it's computer applications. This manual provides a description on the restauration functions which make this communication possible.

Old Documentation

# Documentation obsolete

Here you will find some documentation refering to older versions of our X64 terminals. Old functions, and connections to the antenna version 6 are also included.



With just 300g X64 terminals are easily carried which allows each employee to work directly with the system application without the need to relocate to a fixed terminal or even to the server.

Filling invoices, maintenance orders, strock control, warehouse organisation, price checking (insertion, modification and deletion), receiving and sending of deliveries and a lot more are just some of the possible operations that can be achieved on the spot by any authorised member of the company.


The radius of coverage of the base is approximately 100 meters. Of course, this value can be quite varied depending on the site, type of materials used in the construction of the building, similar equipment in the vicinity, and so forth.

It is advised to install the base in a high place and away from walls. The PC should not be near the base. The recommended minimum distance between the PC and the base is 3 meters.

You can connect a base to several access points. In the operating system on the terminals, you should indicate how many bases are in operation and their name. The name of the base must be equal to the name of the access point. The last 2 digits must be different. For example I have a "BAS00" and an access point "BAS01" trasnsmiting to "BAS00" and another access point "BAS02" transmitting to the "BAS00" or to the "BAS01.


Page Up ‘Shift’ + Up arrow

Page Down ‘Shift’ + Down arrow

The following Keys :

System Request




Can be inserted from the program.

Battery Charge

The batteries are of great capacity. Charged and with little use, the X64 terminal batteries can last several days.

To charge the batteries, you should connect the charger to the power source and to the terminal. The charging time is of approximatelly 6 hours.

The Operating System

To learn more about the operating system behind our X64 terminals, click on the link below.

The terminals and the base have a reset button. Whenever the terminal stops working properly, a 'Reset' can be done with a clip. If still the terminal does not work properly, you should contact X64 for technical assistance.

If you press de del key during the boot after the reset you will be prompted for a password.
Insert 6169 and you gain access to the download menu.

Error Messages

The following are some possible error messagesyou may get on your screen. Some solutions are also provided, but in case of incapacity to solve the problem, please contact our technical support.

Base not Found - Press any key - The terminal does not find the base. If you have not started working yet, you should try to do a reset.

If the message persistes, one of the following problems may exist:

  1. out of range - distance between the terminal and the base is too big
  2. base not connected to the power
  3. serial cable problems
  4. PC off or without the relevant program running

If at work and the message comes on the screen, try to get closer to the base and then press any key.

Term ID not defined - The name of the terminal ID must be defined both on the computer and the terminal.

System Down - The connection to the PC is ok but the PC does not receive response.

You may need, in an extreme situation, to reboot the PC.



Here you'll find information about MOXA IP NPort.


# Connecting an XRF700 antenna through an IP NPort DE-311



Other Technical Material

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