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XRT704 is a RFID terminal used in various industries namely Security, Catering and Logistics. This product works off-line, and the collected data can be downloaded just by placing the terminal back to the power charger (as long as the charger is wired to the computer server).

This is a versatile and very lightweight wireless terminal with superb and advanced RFID scanning functionality. XRT704 is the most economic proposal to companies seeking handheld communication solutions with RFID scanning capabilities based on solid, proven architecture, industrial, and at the same time a good and safe investment for the company’s activities.

The functionality of RFID labels reading is the basis of the model XRT704. In addition, these functionalities add up to its easy adaptation to a wide range of applications in the commercial business and industrial establishments. Provides the functionality RFID communication for companies seeking for a reliable and economic solution.

The XRT704 is an extremely resistant solution against cold and hot temperatures (-10 to +40), built in an extremely resistant material to impact, and finished with a rubber layer which makes them quite resistant in wet environments.

Thanks to investment in the best components, X64 terminals allow businesses to avoid the additional cost and complexity of implementing a series of single function devices - from the collection of data and communication. To ensure a quick and easy deployment and maintenance of equipment, the model XRT704 comes with the necessary software to establish communication with some of the most used packages nowadays in most industries (i.e. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics Nav, etc).


| 175x70x36mm, 230g
| 100x64 LCD
| 650 mAh NI-MH battery
| RFID scanner
| 650mAh NI-MH battery
| Off-line in
| Accordance to ISO15693
| Support Mifare_One Frequency 13.56 M
| Easy program generation with Program Generator, a small application which enables the easy and fast development of small programs to operate along with our XRT704 models.