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XRT701 is a radio terminal used in various industries namely Catering and Hospitality due to its functionality and ease of use. This product works both on-line and off-line. Its network range is about 150 meters, but longer ranges are also possible when using wireless repeaters.

This is a versatile and very lightweight wireless terminal with superb radio connectivity. Is the most economic proposal to companies seeking handheld radio communication solutions based on solid, proven architecture, industrial, and at the same time a good and safe investment for the company’s activities.

A wide range of features of wireless communication is the basis of the model XRT701 and allows it to adapt to a wide range of applications in the commercial business and industrial establishments. Provides the functionality of radio communication for companies seeking for a reliable and economic solution.

The XRT701 is an extremely resistant solution against cold and hot temperatures (-10 to +40), built in an extremely resistant material to impact, and finished with a rubber layer which makes them quite resistant in wet environments.


| 175x70x36mm, 200g
| 128x64 graphical LCD
| 650 mAh NI-MH battery
| 433 MHz wireless networking
| 5250 emulation
| Windows DLL
| Telnet




To work with a XRT701 terminal, a XRF701 antenna is required.

If you only have USB ports in your computer, you should use a Serial Port Adapter.




| 150x220x60mm, 200g
| 250m range in open field
433/868MHz wireless networking
| According to ETS300-220
| Standard 220V-230V~50Hz 9V~400ma 
| windos Dll 
| COM RS232