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XRT700 off-line

XRT700 is an off-line terminal used in various industries namely Catering and Hospitality due to its functionality and ease of use.
This is a versatile and very lightweight offline wireless terminal. The user inserts data by typing on the keypad, and retrieves it back once the terminal is placed on the base.

XRT700 is the most economic proposal for companies seeking universal solutions based on solid, proven architecture, industrial, and at the same time as good as a safe investment for the development of their business activities.

The XRT700 is an extremely resistant solution against cold and hot temperatures (-10 to +40), built with an extremely resistant material to impact, and finished with a rubber layer which makes them quite resistant in wet environments.



| 175x70x36mm, 200g
| 128x64 graphical LCD
| 650 mAh NI-MH battery
| 5250 emulation
| Windows DLL