X64 in Warehouse and Stock Contro

Warehouses are becoming more organised with all sorts of material handling supplies to tag product locations, racks, shelves, aisles, docks, pallets, bins, totes, stock and equipment. Consequently, other tools are needed to work along with all this organisation material, and X64 products do the job very well.

X64 wireless terminals make the order and picking work an easier set of duties for warehouses and logistics. Through the accurate delivering of instructions straight to the employee's terminal, the allocation of the material is just a matter of going to the place, picking and delivering. XRT models give the precise location of goods, their quantity and condition.

The report of activities is also another function that X64 implements into warehouses through our XRT models. In real time, activities can now be monitored, labour hours can be captured, and tight control of all operations is now possible maximizing profits and reducing waste.


















X64 products are used in a broad range of warehouse and logistic operations, from which the following are just a sample:

- Labeling

- Inventory Tracking

- Inventory Control

- Loading/Unloading

- Asset usage and control

- Labour Productivity

- Validity,  or Damage