X64 and Ticket Offices

Tickets for events can now be printed with barcodes or even contain an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) on them, making the ticket control a lot easier whether at the ticket counter or even at the event's entrance.

Some of the advantages are the reduction of queues, a faster service at the ticket counter, reduction of ticket fraud (such as ticket fakes - cloning of tickets, fake serial numbers, and so on), and easy data withdraw for statistical analysis and surveys.

X64 models have the capability to scan tickets' barcodes and RFID lables, controlling therefore each single ticket and consequently avoiding its cloning or falsification. By reading the barcode or RFID lable, the ticket will be acknowledged as being already validated and entered to the system. Then, if another ticket with the same code tries to enter to the system, the ticket best online casino sites will not be validated and therefore not accepted. This process reduces fraud and saves money to the client.

Our XRT603 model is a very good option for ticket counters because of its simplicity and functionality. It reads barcodes and communicates wirelessly with the supporting system or server. Communication is fast and accurate, which makes it a handy option for the ticket office industry. An even better option would be our XRT707 which reads barcodes, RFID lables, and communicates wirelessly with the server. Alternativelly, for those companies looking just for a single functionality such as just barcode reading, we recommend our XRT702. If just the option for reading RFID lables is what you are looking for, our XRT704 is more likely the type of product you need. It reads simply RFID lables and once positionated back on the base (power charger) the data can be collected to the attached server computer based.

Some examples of ticket offices where the X64 terminals may be used are:

- Football stadiums

- Cinemas

- Theatres

- Music concerts