X64 and Private Security

Our wireless handheld devices range from simple radio transmitters to a complex junction of barcode reader with RFID, radio transmitter and receiver. These devices are no longer viewed as just some popular devices for newbies. Instead they have become essential apparatus for competitive business advantages. The use of these devices introduces new paradigms for the security industry as well. Handheld wireless terminals have different capabilities and different uses from those paper old systems.

The ability of radio messaging has become popular for keeping in touch with colleagues across wide areas. The ability of scanning RFID lables help keep tracking of the patrolling routine to specific vulnerable points, and also helps control items and merchandising which needs to be securely controlled. At some point, certain security demands may call for barcode reading capable devices to help control outbound items as well. X64 models cope with all these security demands with our XRT models. X64 wireless terminals are light, inexpensive, easy to use, reliable, and radio-messaging services along with RFID reading capabilities are just the beginning to further security strength.

Many are the occasions when companies prefer radio-messaging to telephone calls because it allows for asynchronous communication, provides an electronic copy of the communication, costs less, requires no dial-up connection, fosters brevity, and allows users to communicate in public places without having their conversations overheard. This calls for a cost effective, and yet, reliable and effective solution.

Selecting the right security tools is an important decision for any security company. X64's products came to make this decision much easier. With our XRT704, making traceable patrols based on RFID scanning labled points is the optimal solution for wide areas security control. This allows companies to control their security systems and also their security guards performance. Likewise, the same system is also suitable for work shift control, surveying, time tracking, and a lot more. our XRT701 is the best solution for radio communication. The security officer may go around the perimeter collecting data (temperatures, alarm codes, instructions, and so forth) and once back to the office, this data can be retrieved straight to the computer allowing an easy track of all the steps taken throughout the patrol.

Some important functions in security:

- Patrol tracking

- Time tracking

- Timetable tracking and control

- Real time communication capability (especially in wide areas)

- Inbound and outbound control