The Retail Industry

The retail sector is a huge area which embraces the sale of goods or merchandise from a set spot such as a department store or even just a simple kiosk, or by post in small or individual masses for consumption by the consumer. The variety of retail stores can be as varied as the customers, but at certain points they all share similar features. One key point in this industry is stock control.

Stock control needs to be accurate and fast. In big superstores tracking inventory can be slow and stocking can be even slower. There is a huge need for fast communication between the store and warehouse, allowing a fast re-stocking and inventory tracking.

In addition, due to the size of this establishments and the amount and variety of products on offer, huge amounts of people come to shop here. This creates another need at the payment tills, which is a fast way of product registration and check out.

The constant need for collection of information related to products and customers, and also the need for organisation and speed (whether stocking or checking out), highlights the existence of X64 and its products. However, different retail environments call upon different solutions. This is why X64 offers different models according to different retailing needs.


X64 in retail

With our XRT models (mostly XRT702 and XRT706) these various tasks can now be optimised, allowing fast and accurate stock control and inventory tracking. As a product is being received at the warehouse, this information is automatically transmitted through our XRT models to the various departments within the store, allowing the stock control people to come to collect the product and take it to the shelf. The same process applies to the re-stocking activity, the stock control people communicate from the store to the warehouse with the details on the products needed to be re-stocked and the warehouse can keep an inventory control according to the store's needs. If inventory is running low, orders can be made to the supplier. If inventory is high, waste can be avoided by informing the supplier that certain products are not needed due to high stock.

In addition, it becomes much easier to survey sold and not sold products, allowing price marketing strategies to be allocated to specific products.

X64 allow companies to maximize their sales and reduce waste.

Characteristic store types that use X64 product types are:

- High customer frequency stores like hypermarkets

- Drug stores and pharmacies

- Convenience stores

- Corner stores

- High street shops

- Department stores