X64 in Production

Many are the manufacturing plants using sensor and programmable logic controllers in order to control many of the processes related to the product production. In addition, many are the devices like these sensors and programmable logic controllers that are totally wired, which call for constant maintenance. Furthermore, many of these plants get static due to these devices, creating at times queues at production line due to malfunctions and the incapability of moving somewhere else because of the wired components.

X64 wireless terminals reduce many of these struggles. Due to their physical attributes, the worker can now easily communicate with other departments and perform various checks to the product on the run and in real time.
X64 helps to improve operations through the connection of the various members of a variety of departments within the organisation. With accurate and fast information, companies can now produce and deliver better products, reduce waste, control costs, improve quality, and develop customer support.
X64 products allow the various parts of production lines to communicate in real time,offering various options. Whether by radio or by barcode scanning, the different points of production can now control and be controlled throughout the whole product's assembling process.

X64 also improves the efficiency of the organisation by allowing accurate, quick and efficient storage and locating of products. Through bar code scanning, X64 keeps consistent and precise data about inventory levels, decreasing overstocks, and urgent situation of shipments.

Some key objectives achieved with X64 wireless terminals:

- Allow the various parts of production lines to communicate in real time.

- Attain enough data so that decision makers may take decisions.

- Administer competences and capabilities based on current assets to best support the whole production line.

- Reduce waste and control costs.

- Improve quality.