X64 in Logistics and Distribution

The distribution channel is a collection of all the processes that a product experiences throughout its life cycle.
X64 terminals can log in shipments of materials from vendors and track those materials throughout the whole distribution channel. From the pick up point to the delivery end, our XRT models help securing the delivery process on time without damages. X64 products are designed to allow a bigger number of shipments and the development of route planning.

With this new option, it is now possible to know all inventories in transit, allowing a prompt and accurate distribution. In addition, it is now possible to select a source of components based on their known location. By knowing the location of the inventory, times between transaction, manufacture, and delivery, wastes can be further reduced and customer service optimised. The end result is time, quality and satisfaction. X64 wireless products can strongly influence many business activities by turning them more efficient and renovate the relationship between various activities.

Moreover, X64 technology can also help tracking employee hours, shift-changes, surveying customers and also control targets while surveying the work done. Also, with our new model which contains GPS (global positioning system), distribution and logistics gain a new shape. Tracking deliveries is now an easy process in real time.

X64 is the best option for quality control and precautionary maintenance, which ultimately reflects into customer satisfaction.

The distribution channel often entails three main areas:

- Logistics

- Warehouses

- Transportation

X64 allows the following priorities:

- Consistently deliver the necessary materials to the right place in the right amount at the compulsory time.

- Attain enough data so that decision makers may take decisions.

- Administer competences and capabilities based on current assets to best support the whole distribution cycle.

X64 improves the distribution channel by:

- Increasing effectiveness and precision in the entire distribution channel.

- Developing the real-time distribution of information