X64 and the Healthcare Sector

Information systems in healthcare are now a vital tool for information management because many are the hospitals now focusing on maximizing patient safety, quality and value.

The employment of information systems, is one of the main reasons why this industry is currently going under many changes. Positive identification of patients is not an easy task, as hospitals need to make sure that patients are indeed, receiving the correct medication, have the proper blood samples sent to the lab and receive the right blood products all through blood transfusions.
XRT models make all these tasks a lot simpler and easier.

Our products assist to record patients’ vital signs, scan bar codes on medications, patient wristbands, clinician identification badges, and help gather input and output, and blood glucose levels. Furthermore, they can be operated as electronic clipboards for reading patients information against electronic forms, allowing a smooth and fast check out process.

X64 allows the perfect identification and enables the elaboration of an electronic medication administration record, which documents that the right patient received the right medication from the right person at the right time. This can be done using either barcode reading or radio frequency identification.

Both have some advantages and some disadvantages towards the other. This is why X64 offers models that go along with both technologies, allowing the choice of the best solution according to customer needs.

For detection of medication, linear bar codes provide a practical way to positively allocate the right medication. XRT703 and XRT707 can be two possible options for this purpose within the healthcare industry. XRT703 can be a good option for hospital usage due to the simplicity in which it operates, and yet, it is reliably fast and accurate. The bar code data is fed wirelessly into a software application, that checks prescriptions, patient records, allocation of drugs and other items. After performing the check, the program informs the doctor/consultant of any issues related to either the patient or the drug even before the medicine is dispensed.


For identification of equipment, specifically for tracking location in real time, active RFID is also an excellent option. Hence, X64 recommends XRT705 for this purpose. For both functions in conjunction, XRT703 may be a good option. For all the functions, including RFID identification, XRT707 is the optimal option, as it reads both barcodes and RFID lables, and can communicate with the server wirelessly.

Our XRT models have the latent to substitute the conventional paper and pen data collection usually used in hospitals. Doctors can use our wireless terminals for direct order-entry, not having to go through the slow and unreliable old paper system. X64 products offer a convenient but flexible way for the automation of an order communication management system in a hospital. The information obtained by X64 wireless terminals can also be easily sent out to the central system for additional processing.


Some key tasks for X64 wireless terminals within the healthcare sector:

- Assist to record patients vital signs.

- Scan bar codes on medications, patient wristbands, clinician identification badges and more.

- Perfect identification and elaboration of electronic medication records.

- Identification of equipment.