X64 and the Army


Nowadays the army is becoming a more dynamic and swiftly expanding force, intended to be efficient in an asynchronous battlespace. Highly demanding situations, call for speed, accuracy, and for a combat force to be able of performing well in ascetic fields with restricted foundations, a whole new level of requirements is raised so that the army may achieve a high performance level.


The army’s structure is quite complex. Diverse is the number of areas calling for automated systems to improve performance.


X64 improves operations in the Army

In the past, the lack of automated systems led to ineffective inventory management, creating waste, disorganisation, and interruptions throughout the whole operational system.

Many were the times, when the amount by which a supply fell short of expectation, need or demand, was met. This most certainly created an impact on the overall material readiness, which, amongst a wide range of issues raised, the lack of synthesized end-to-end, information on assets across all components, undercut the ability of the army to exercise operations well at all levels.

Pallets are labled with RFID tags or barcode tickers at the manufacturing point. Throughout the distribution route the pallets are controlled based on the tags or stickers providing accuracy, speed, and reduction of waste (time and outdated items). Data are timely and precisely controlled via network and linked readers. This allows a precise control over all needs the army may have.


As another example of the importance of X64 for the Army’s system development, we may take as a point of start, the use that the Brazilian army is undertaking with our XRT703 models for their health system. An instance of this is the dentists use of our XRT703 for communicating between the various departments within casino francais avec bonus their buildings, allocating the patients to the right location in the building, and sending out to the reception, all the necessary data to hand out the right prescription to the right patient.


Obviously, the use of our models can be further stretched to other functions within the army sector. From communications to control, data processing and even surveying. There are no limits for X64's products within the army sector.



Some key objectives need to be met in order to make the army operate well:

- Consistently deliver the necessary materials to the right place in the right amount at the compulsory time.

- Attain enough data so that decision makers may take decisions.

- Administer competences and capabilities based on current assets to best support the whole army’s requirements.

To meet these objectives, X64 comes to provide various options which will aid automate the army’s system, including it’s supply chain management.

One feasible option may be our XRT 704 (with RFID reader) or XRT 702 (barcode reader) which can help throughout the entire chain cycle.