Our company

X64 is a producer of wireless handheld terminals with optional barcode laser scanner and Radio Frequency Identification. By offering modern solutions which cover a wide range of business areas, from manufacturing to distribution, retail to banking and even also governmental and public sectors.

Founded in 1997

X64 was founded in 1997 aiming at becoming a market leader by offering a simple, economic and yet reliably functional solution. It came to existence due to the demand for a straightforward but consistent and cost effective solution. The first models were designed for mainly hospitality and catering, but soon after, X64 started moving to the area of bar code technology and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID).


Corporate responsibility

X64 connects the power of its products with standards of customisation, creating better solutions, financially viable prospects and growth for its clients.


Quality comes first

Bearing in mind present environmental issues, X64 products are designed according to many of the compelling needs of the world’s industries, and therefore, we commit ourselves to provide a high level of quality on our products.